Customer Reviews 

The Perfect Shoes 

Perfect shoes for the event, as it was both trail & paved. I'm so glad I took the Salming Recoil Primes. Way better shoe for the concrete, cobles, & trails. Great descending traction on steeper paths (concrete & trail) - Chris Carr, Trail Run/Walker. Tongariro National Park Guide. Adventure Nerd. 

Never use another shoe again. 

"I have never played with shoes as cushiony as the Recoil Ultra! At first glance the Recoils look too big; however, they are well balanced, and they wrap your foot in a very comfortable way. It seems that Salming played with the design of the outer sole, which raised the heel of the shoe to provide extra cushion and support to my heel. I haven’t made the autopsy on the shoe yet, but after 6 months of rough use, the shoe has retained its integrity both, inside and out. I can’t see myself using a different shoe for a while!" - Victor Romero, NZ Racketlon Champion

Comfortable right from the start. 

"I have tried a ton of shoes over the years and on the odd occasion when I find a decent pair, I stick with them. The Salming Recoil Ultra's fit really well, have good traction, and were super comfortable from the first try. I will be using these for as long as they make them. Recommended!" - Jason Oxenham, Christchurch (A grade)

Protection against Impact.

I have learned my lesson the hard way - to use nothing but the best shoes in the market. The cushion, support and grip in Salming shoes has what has made me keep going in my much loved sports for longer at this level. I wish it upon everyone - protect your bodies against impact and add to your sporting lives. Kashif Shuja, multiple NZ squash champion.