Salming is a shoe, equipment and apparel company originating in Sweden. Salming is for people who train hard and don’t make excuses. If you believe gimmicks in your products make you a better athlete, then Salming is not for you. Salming products, whether it’s a footwear, apparel or accessories, doesn´t perform by themselves.

Even though our products can help along the way, we believe that the hard work needs to be done by you in order to reach your goals. You need to train relentlessly day in and day out. Show courage and grit. We don´t believe in nonsense. 

Salming arrived in New Zealand in 2013 after NZ squash champion, Kashif Shuja came across the brand in Europe. Kash saw the benefits of Salming's better cushion, support and knowledge about sports footwear. He soon saw the potential of the brand in NZ for kiwis and starting buying the shoes for himself and later his squash students. This led to him taking up Salming distributorship for New Zealand exclusively and embarked on the mission to spread the word of Salming from Kaitaia to Invercargill. 

The brand grew like wildfire. First within the squash community and later in the indoor sports and trail running communities. Salming has since established a name for itself with quality and design. Ambassadors, coaches and customers alike, kiwis have loved the Salming brand, the story and their products. With the troubles of the last few years behind them, it is now time to take Salming to the next level in New Zealand. 

Contact details for the New Zealand office. 


Phone: 021 1042509

Address: 20 Horomatangi street, Taupo.  

Salming Sports New Zealand.

20 Horomatangi Street. Taupo

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Salming’s personality is formed by our heritage and our roots in sports. To us, it’s all about willpower, athleticism, passion and performance.

Play, and play hard. Börje Salming was never an average Joe on the ice. His heritage taught him to always deliver and never quit - no matter the cost. Even at the cost of more than 500 stitches and a 50% loss of eyesight on one of his eyes; he got in there, covered that shot and got right back to it to make the team win. It’s the spirit of a fighter. A one in a million attitude.


At Salming we strive to design state-of-the-art products engineered to help athletes push their limits. We embrace challenges and we never quit. Salming is fast in reacting to trends and developing products within the most recent technology. Our Swedish design is always at the cutting edge in function, technology and appearance.




We strive to design state-of-the-art products engineered to help athletes push their limits. We embrace challenges and we never quit. The athletes we serve want to take their game to the next level, and at Salming we provide the tools to get you there.


With one of the greatest ice hockey players ever lived as founder of the brand, ”willpower” and ”taking one for the team” are obvious mantras. Our whole structure of how we do things is with raw willpower. Success does not come easy. 


Swedish design which is at the cutting edge in function, technology and appearance. Carefully developed, quality-assured products. And a team with a passion to help you progress and perform. 


Salming is the Swedish challenger with a vision to help athletes elevate their game. We are taking on the biggest sport brands in the world and we are making them sweat enough to know that Salming is here to stay.