Salming is a shoe, equipment and apparel company based in Sweden. Salming is for people
who train hard and don’t make excuses. If you believe gimmicks in your products make you
a better athlete, then Salming is not for you.


Salming products, whether it’s a floorball stick or a running shoe doesn´t score goals or run a
marathon sub 2 hours by themselves. Even though our products can help along the way, we
believe that the hard work needs to be done by you in order to reach your goals. You need to
train relentlessly day in and day out. Show courage and grit. We don´t believe in nonsense. 

Why Salming? Better gear, better performance, a better you!

Salming was brought to New Zealand by former national squash champion and coach, Kashif Shuja. Kashif came across Salming gear for the first time while based in Europe and saw the value in the intelligent designs of this new Swedish brand. After testing and feedback from players that he coached and getting advice from other elite athletes, he realised that the Salming shoes were better than what we had in New Zealand. They helped hold their footing and gave them better rebound from dynamic movements. The toe drag protection, rollerbar and heel cup features made them better for court sports. The specifics detailed on the shoes themselves made it easier for the user to understand and choose the right one for them. This was further confirmed with more athletes coming on board and noticing an improvement in their performances. This carried on for all Salming shoes and gear across the range as attention to detail and constant self improvement because the brand's strength. 

Since then, the team at Salming Sports NZ have been on a mission to spread the brand to give kiwis the same quality gear for better feel, improved performance and a better, active lifestyle. Hence the tagline - better gear, better performance, better you.

Salming has now evolved into a much wider sports brand, including running, walking, handball, floorball, volleyball, badminton and netball. With shoes perfect for all court sports, Salming continued spreading from its home base in the lower North Island to all over New Zealand. Appreciated by athletes, coaches and the general active New Zealanders, Salming products are now in every region of New Zealand and the brand is growing rapidly. Endurance athlete coach and sports scientist, Will O'Connor PhD. successfully took Salming to runners in New Zealand. Both road and trail shoes were very well received and hence started the growth into running and walking around New Zealand.  

No Nonsense Gear for No Nonsense People

The Salming tagline has been inherited by the company's founder from his relentless attitude and will power in pursuit of excellence and constant self improvement. Borje Salming is from the Lapland region of Sweden where people are tough, hardworking and have a never say die attitude. It is that attitude that is kept in mind creating all Salming products and the company's model is aligned with the same as well. 

Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1991 in partnership with Ice Hockey legend Borje Salming, the brand grew quickly through different sports. From indoor court sports in Sweden to all over Europe and then running all over the world, Salming became the trademark for quality and design.

Salming Sports arrived in New Zealand in 2013 and Salming Sports NZ was formed in 2015. Making their mark early in squash, Salming spread through the growing handball community in NZ and then the running community all over the country. Partnering with excellent athletes, events and backed up by good media coverage, Salming NZ is spreading fast into New Zealand.

With an excellent web presence, over 20 retail outlets all the way from Northland down to Invercargill and ambassadors in all Salming sports, the future looks bright. Our people are our strength and products our pride. We are sure you will love them too.  

Image: Borje Salming - Swedish Ice Hockey legend. Be The Better You! 

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