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Salming OT Comp - Women's US7

Women's Trail Shoes



Salming Greyhound (Men's)

Running on hard surfaces has never been more comfortable.


Salming Trail 6 - Women's US7

Winner of the the ISPO Award in the category of Performance Trail Running Footwear.


Salming Elements - Men US12

Trail Shoes


Salming Elements - Women US9.5

Trail Shoes



Salming Race 7 W

Racing flats for women.


Salming Hawk (Women's) Blue US8

The latest from Salming!


Salming Rebel - Black (Men's)

Rebel provides extraordinary grip on any surface.


Salming Rebel GEO (Men's)

Bring out the rebel in you.


Salming Rival SR (Men's) Black

Durable. Comfy. Stylish.


Salming Viper 5 (Women's) US8

The latest womens shoe from the Salming Viper collection.