Salming Elements - Men US12

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Elements – run anywhere!

Elements 3 is a terrain shoe that is based on Salming's running concept (Natural Running) and principles.

The outsole is made of a lightweight material TOC66 (Traction Outsole Control 66) and is patterned with 8mm high rubber studs. The pattern and studs provide a good grip when the surface is soft, loose or dry. A low drop of 4mm provides a natural running step and stability, which helps to counteract damage to the ankles and feet. The upper part consists of two layers where the inner layer is a slightly thicker mesh material to provide maximum comfort and grip around the foot. The next layer is a thinner mesh layer that is designed to let out water and moisture without letting in dirt from the outside. These layers are covered by an ExoSkeleton which gives structure to the shoe and a stable grip around the foot. To protect the feet from stones and other painful things and increase the life of the shoe, Elements 3 is equipped with RocShield technology, which is a protective layer in PU plastic placed at the bottom around the front of the shoe and in the heel cover. If you run regularly in terrain, you will not be disappointed.

+ TOC66 (Traction Outsole Control 66) outsole with 8mm rubber studs

+ Enlarged toe box gives more space for the foot to expand when landing

+ RocShield protects the shoe and feet

+ Double layer of mesh gives a great fit as well as breathability and good drainage

+ ExoSkeletton stabilizes the foot and gives a great fit

+ 4mm Drop

Stability Neutral
Made in Vietnam
Colo rBlack/New Orange
Drop 4 mm
Weight 258 g (US 10)

Stack18 mm center of heel 14 mm ball of foot
Midsole RunLite2™
Lining Mesh
Gender Men