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Goal Setting for 2019 - 09/01/19



Will runs the Old Ghost Rd 2018


Performance Plan - 01/02/19

So you've got goals - well done! And you've written them down?! If not best to do so as writing things down acts as an agreement with yourself and gets us more committed to our goals. Even better than just writing goals down is putting a simple yet effective plan together to achieve those goals. This can be done on a piece of paper, a card or even on your phone. Having the text in places where you would see it regularly will help remind you of the goals and what you need to do to achieve them. To remember why you are working towards the goals is important and should start the performance plan.

The written down text gives us better direction, motivation and makes our goals more achievable. The goals are listed one by one and should be performance based as well as result based - both are important. Giving yourself a deadline makes the delivery and focus more important. A simple action plan will help reinforce what needs to be done to achieve these goals. 

A slightly more detailed list can be covered under Areas of Focus. This part lists the specifics of what exactly needs work. This can be followed by an Event Plan which determines when you will need to peak and where and when you need to perform. Working backwards from there, a training plan can be made and written down as well. Try swapping the training plan with the event plan in sequence after writing them as training always come before events. A rest period after events or a series of events helps look back at things and tweak the programme as well as lets the body and mind recover. 

Ending the Performance Plan document with one of your favourite quotes at the time will help you keep motivated to get to your goals. Our favourite?!  'The mighty oak of today, is a nut of yesterday that held its ground." - Anonymous  

Have a No Nonsense month of February! #BeTheBetterYou


Goal Setting for 2019 - 09/01/19

Setting goals for yourself is an excellent way to stay disciplined, motivated and active. Goals can range from short, mid to long term and a plan to work towards them can make them achievable. 

The 4 Ps when it comes to goals are: Plan. Prepare. Pursue. Persist. SMART: Specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time related goals have seen to have better results. 

Watch this space for more on goals, training and motivation from us to help you get to the next level!

Have a No Nonsense start to the year! #BeTheBetterYou


Will Runs Old Ghost Road 2018

What was the adventure race - where was it, what is the track and what inspired you to do it?

I ran the Old Ghost Rd Ultramarathon which is an 85km off-road trail run situated in the Buller region on the West Coast of the South Island. I was inspired to do because the course looked amazing and I have strong family ties to the region.

What are your top three tips for preparing to race in an ultra?

Get the right equipment. High quality running gear can save you a lot of pain over long races. Cheap items often haven’t been as well designed and although they might be alright for a few hours it can be a different story after half a day.
Know the course and the conditions. A lot of races will have a compulsory gear list to stop people heading out under prepared but it’s worth planning ahead to see what you’d need.
Practise your nutrition and hydration. This also links into knowing the course because your race may have aid stations that are close together or far apart. You’ll want to know how much fluid you and food you need per hour as well as what does and doesn’t agree with your stomach.

What are the three most important items you carry on an ultra?

GPS watch – although I actually use a footpod for better accuracy
Water bottles
Small tube of Vaseline

What do you eat before, during and after an ultra

Before – Porridge with blueberries and milk. Coffee with cream.

During – Alternating snickers and energy every 20min after the first hour.

After – Anything and everything

Have a  No Nonsense 2019 #BeTheBetterYou